Never Say Uncle

"A Nostalgic fun-filled comedy"

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Never Say Uncle & Squire Dumpty


About the Book - Never Say Uncle

Expressly written for "Golden Agers"
Nostalgic Comedy That Will Leave Them Laughing Like A Kid Again

The reader will be taken by the many similarities to his/her own memorable past. In Never Say Uncle (now available through, author Emilio Paletta presents his work as a fitting tribute to the 50 and over gang, and to happier times when life was sweeter than we knew.

Gathering material garnered from a rich medical background, 74 years of life experiences and Emilio's innate comedic timing, Never Say Uncle was born. In addition to the funny stuff, the title Never Say Uncle, in and of itself, stands as a beacon to all who face adversity. The message is cleverly interwoven throughout the story line.


Shortly after the death of his beloved mother, Sonny falls into a state of depression, fearing that with her passing, his proud ethnic heritage will come to an end. Later, hoping to reconnect with his past he snaps out of it and decides to go in search of an uncle not seen in over 50 years. After many setbacks his hopes are sparked when he receives word from a friend, that a man fitting his uncle's description, is a resident of Dumpsters, a nearby nursing home. Once verification is substantiated, weekly visits begin and so does the fun. For starters, Sonny discovers that his 93-year-old uncle Luigi Fettuccine is the fun-loving inspirational leader of the constipated gang at Dumpsters. The chain of events that follow will have the reader laughing like a kid again.

Fun filled situation after situation will leave them begging for more. Finally, in the chapter Even Rainbows End, not an eye will be dry when at 100, Luigi passes away and Sonny finds the answer he's been searching for regarding his heritage. The old childhood adage never say uncle, proves true once again reminding the reader when faced with adversity, hang tough and never give up. In a world in dire need of a good old-fashioned belly laugh,
Never Say Uncle, more than fits the bill.

Never Say Uncle makes the perfect gift for grandparents. It's easy reading, not about in-depth characterizations or intricate plots, just pure entertainment.

About the Book - Squire Dumpty

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